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Printable: Save Share Spend

Your child may receive money for allowance, birthdays, holidays, or for doing chores or small jobs. Talk to your child about three basic concepts that can help them make choices about money – how they can Save, Share, and Spend their money.

When they really want something, it’s the perfect time to put these lessons into action. Download this worksheet to encourage the conversation and help them reach their goals.

Save, Share, Spend was developed as part of the Invest in ME Kindergarten Program and is designed to help kids begin to understand budgeting, and making choices with their money. Invest in ME Kindergarten is a joint project of The Alfond Scholarship Foundation (ASF) and the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) to make digital resources and materials easily shared with students and families, regardless of where and how learning is taking place.

Printable: Save Share Spend

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