Mud Season Scavenger Hunt!

Maine’s transition from Winter to Spring is a unique season of its own, Mud Season. Grab that rain jacket and rubber boots! This is a great family activity – especially if you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Print out a sheet for each family member (and don’t forget to determine a prize for the… Read more »

Printable: MyPlan Guide

Every parent wants GREAT things for their child(ren). Our MyPlan program provides an easy way for parents to plan today for their child’s future – and it doesn’t all involve saving money or a four-year degree. We’ve created this printable to be more interactive in creating a MyPlan with your child – what can they… Read more »

Printable: Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is important for adults and children. It’s easy to be distracted by every day wants, and experiences of others, and forget to appreciate what we do have. Gratitude can help us be more present in the moment, happier, healthier, and fulfilled. Try this activity as a family for a month, or more! Monthly… Read more »

Printable: Save Share Spend

Your child may receive money for allowance, birthdays, holidays, or for doing chores or small jobs. Talk to your child about three basic concepts that can help them make choices about money – how they can Save, Share, and Spend their money. When they really want something, it’s the perfect time to put these lessons… Read more »

3 Magic Words for Teaching Kids about Money

Anyone remember being told as a kid never to talk about money, politics, or religion? This familiar parental advice surely has good intentions – but one unintended consequence can be missing out on the opportunity to raise financially literate kids that are confident in their ability to manage money. While it might feel awkward to… Read more »

How Do You #DreamBigStartSmall?

Enter the #DreamBigStartSmall Future Contest! Mr. Alfond believed that every Maine child should have an opportunity for higher education, and that is how the $500 My Alfond Grant was born. These funds are meant to inspire parents to think about their child’s future education from birth and ensure that Maine’s children’s future is bright. While… Read more »

5 Winter Boredom Busters (No Screens Required!)

Winters in Maine are cold and long – add in a global pandemic, and if you’re like many parents, you’re hearing “I’m bored” a few times more than you’d like. But while boredom might feel inevitable – the benefits that come from it are actually plentiful. The truth is boredom is good for kids! Feeling… Read more »

Who Needs a Screen? #DreamBigStartSmall Challenge

The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their smartphones, with some saying they spend 12 hours on their phone a day (TechJury). Including time at your computer, laptop, tablet, or TV – that’s a lot of time looking at a screen and not being present with friends and family. Can you challenge your… Read more »

Dream Big, Start Small: 5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Think About Their Future

In a year that has been full of uncertainty, thinking about the future can feel…just plain weird. But research on children who have experienced traumatic events like disasters has shown that “encouraging children to have a positive future orientation can buffer against possible trauma,” says Michael Ungar, a family therapist with a doctorate in social… Read more »