Tell us what you are doing to support your child’s future aspirations.

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I’m so proud of my granddaughter!

She is smart as a whip! She shares my love of reading, and always has her nose buried in a book. I want to do all I can for her as she grows and learns, so I’ve also signed up to make automatic contributions to help her pay for higher education. I know she’s going places!

Oliver has a head start

We were thrilled to learn that Oliver has a head start on his future education, thanks to the Alfond Grant. He turned one in October and we’re already planning to get family involved in sharing the gift of college this holiday season!

Set aside a little money each month

We don’t have a lot of extra money, but once our oldest started kindergarten and we didn’t have to pay so much for childcare, we set up to put $25 each month into his account. We’re looking forward to doing the same when the youngest starts school. And honestly, doing it this way we don’t even miss the money and we’re on the way to helping them with future success!

Ask Jake about his perfect attendance

“What did you do at school today” was always a topic at dinner, but the kids never really engaged. The question was met with lots of “oh, nothing” or, “not much.” Then we decided to try Two Truths and a Lie; borrowing a tactic from corporate retreats. Now at dinner the kids are asked to share two truths and a lie about their day at school. We’re hearing more about what they are learning and doing and they are enjoying thinking up a creative “lie” about their school day!

From Greyson, Aroostook County

We are so looking forward to our child’s future. With the world changing all around us and the uncertainty of the financial future in the future generations. We are glad to have and take this opportunity for our child in investing for the future. This is a chance to save money for a later date so this grant can help pay for future educational costs. This is a great investment and we have guidance to help us get there. Our little man is only two right now but he has a good start on his career goals when he is able to make decisions at high school levels.