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5 Future Careers to Explore with Nature-Loving Kids

Do you have a child who loves to be in nature? Whether they’re a beach bum, love to explore the woods, or are obsessed with animals – there’s a job for that! It’s never too early to inspire your child to dream big – no matter where their interests lie. While kids’ hobbies and interests often change over time, helping them think about future careers that align with their passions can help them dream big and picture a bright future. Here in Maine, we’re lucky to have many future career paths for kids who love being in nature, from STEM to fire safety. Below, we’re sharing five nature-based careers.. Take some time to read about them with your kiddo and if they want to learn more, there are lots of resources in your local library! A great starting point could be researching the different educational or training requirements of each career. Some require a four-year degree while others may be achieved through a certificate program.

1. Zoologist

Did you know that there are nearly 8.7 million different species on earth? If you have a child who loves learning about different animals, they may be interested in studying zoology.  Zoologists study animals, both in the wild and in captivity, to understand their behavior and how they interact with their ecosystems. As climate change continues to affect habitats, careers in zoology are becoming more and more important. Zoologists travel and work outdoors often, which is perfect for someone who dreams of travel and adventure. 

2. Climate scientist

Climate scientists study changes to the climate over time and how those changes may affect the Earth in the future. If your child cares deeply about the planet and/or is interested in weather – this could be the career for them! There are many areas that climate scientists can specialize in, including education, public health, and outreach.

3. Outdoor educator

Outdoor educators often work with local schools and businesses to lead team-building activities that explore the local environment and wildlife. Outdoor educators may work at a nature center or a state or national park. This career is ideal for someone who loves adventure and being outdoors, and sharing their love of the outdoors with others.

4. Forest technician

Does your kiddo love climbing trees and exploring the forest? They may be interested in a future career as a forestry technician. Forestry techs work outdoors and spend their time researching and maintaining forests, mountains, grasslands, and marshes for the purpose of conservation and preservation. 

5. Forest fire inspector & prevention specialist

As forest fires continue to become more prevalent, the need for forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists has only increased. If you’re thinking, “Wait, there aren’t forest fires in Maine,” think again. As of June, there were 388 recorded wildfires in Maine, which means there’s a need for prevention. If your child is interested in the environment, weather events, and working outdoors, fire science could be for them.

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