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Like the Alfond Scholarship Foundation, Maine employers are keenly aware of the need for a more educated workforce. At the micro level, the Alfond Grant program creates opportunities for Maine children by awarding them each a $500 Alfond Grant at birth to encourage and support their pursuit of education after high school. At the macro level, the program will have a positive impact on the state’s economic prosperity by boosting overall educational attainment in Maine.

Current employees are the parents and grandparents of Maine’s future workforce. As a Maine employer, you can partner with us by sharing information about the $500 Alfond Grant with your employees, many of them the parents and/or grandparents of Maine’s future workforce. Partnering with us, and joining our Champions Circle is done by sharing information, encouraging payroll deduction for college savings and more. The best part is, we provide all the tools and resources that you need.

At Jackson Labs, information about the Alfond Grant and the opportunity to enroll in automatic payroll deduction for college savings is shared with all employees. And at Gorham Savings Bank, the human resources department takes the extra step of embedding this information in not only annual election of benefits materials, but for all new hires — and makes a matching contribution when employees set up payroll deduction for college savings.

Become a Partner

Here’s what partnering with us could look like for your business or non-profit:

  • Share information with employees about the Alfond Grant and encourage employees to consider saving for their child/grandchild’s future education after high school
  • Promote aspirations and early planning for education by employees

All Friend activities, AND:

  • Facilitating employee contributions to an education savings account via payroll deduction
  • Promote availability of this benefit and support employee participation through posters, employee newsletters and other communications channels – including at annual election of benefits
  • Complete ASF’s Employer Survey to help ASF gain insights into employer experiences, needs and priorities
Gold Medal Champion

All Champion activities, AND:

  • Promoting college savings for employees and their children/grandchildren via payroll deduction
  • Invite ASF to present to staff about the Alfond Grant program as well as broader information on planning and paying for education after high school
  • Share ASF’s Employee Survey with employees to help gain insights into views and experiences with saving and planning for education after high school
  • Make an employer contribution once payroll deduction for education savings is established

Become a Partner

The team at ASF stands ready to share information and be a resource to employers and their employees. Our partners at FAME (the Finance Authority of Maine) are also ready to share information and be a resource for those employers and employees interested in taking steps to open and contribute to education savings accounts. Importantly, these resources are available to all employees — whether or not their child or grandchild has an Alfond Grant. For more information about how to be involved, call us at 207-347-8638 or email [email protected].

Help Your Employees Reach Their Higher Education Goals

Invest in your current and future employees! The Finance Authority of Maine provides employers with information and easy activities to help them help their employees—and future employees—prepare for higher education.

Partners Investing in Maine Children

A number of Maine businesses have made specific commitments to partner with us by joining our Champions Circle. For more information about how to be involved, call us at 207-347-8638 or email [email protected].

Thanks to our Friends:

Androscoggin Bank

Maine Math and Science Alliance

Spinnaker Trust

Thanks to our Champions:

And Special Thanks to our Gold Medal Champions!

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Looking for information to share about My Alfond Grant with your employees and/or the families you serve? Read on for information, tips, and resources for those you work with who may have a child with an Alfond Grant.