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Healthy Eating & Hydration Chart (Printable)

Eating healthy and staying hydrated is important because it supports healthy habits, keeps their bodies energized, and helps them grow! But, often, your child doesn’t make it easy.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Trying new foods can be a challenge. Have your child pick out one “new” fruit or veggie each week.
  • Does your child dislike plain water? Add slices of their favorite fruit (or veggie, like a cucumber), or pick out a special water bottle for something fun and colorful to inspire them.
  • Children learn by watching, so set a good example. Be sure to eat as many meals together; that way, your child can see you make healthy choices, and it’s a great time to make memories with good conversation.

Download this “Weekly Healthy Eating and Hydration Chart” and encourage your child to make healthy choices, try new foods, and to stay hydrated!