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Print & Play: How Do Bugs Hibernate?

Cold winter weather has arrived and if you look up at the sky, you may spot geese flying south for the winter. Looking around you, you may spot people bundled up in warm hats and mittens as they hurry to-and-from their destinations. Walking through the park or in your back yard, you may see busy squirrels gathering acorns between long winter naps. What do all these creatures and people have in common? They’re all preparing for winter! …But what about bugs?

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite creepy crawlies spend the cold winter months, we have the answers! The printable activity sheet below isn’t just a fun coloring page, it shares how different bugs and insects spend the winter.

Click here to print it out at home or from your local library, and have fun coloring the pictures and learning about these interesting insects!

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