Since the oldest children who have received an Alfond Grant are in the 2nd grade, we all have a little bit of time before the real questions about college and career kick in.   But … it’s never too early to get started helping your child build a strong foundation for their future!

Check out the new MyPlan feature of the MyAlfondGrant website — see what you can DO, SAVE and LEARN to help your child.  This is a great way to engage and get involved!

And take a look at some additional general suggestions below:

Take a look at the information we send you during the year!

Use this website to sign up today to receive information about the value of your Alfond Grant electronically – and even check the current value of the Alfond Grant any time you want!

Let your child know that there is money invested for their future education. Studies show that children with a college savings account are three times more likely to go to college and four times more likely to graduate – even if there is only a few hundred dollars in the account.

Developing a “college-going identity” can be an important
motivator for your child.

Kids rise and fall to the level of expectation put in front of them, so help your kids aim high and support them in achieving their dreams!

And, keep in mind that when we say “college” we mean all kinds of education after high school – certificate programs and associate’s degrees as well as bachelor’s degrees.

Think about ways that you, too, can save or invest for your child’s future education after high school.

There are lots of options to learn about – decide which one is the best fit for you and do what you can to put some money aside. Every little bit helps, and a dollar saved is a dollar you or your child won’t have to borrow!


Check out the Information & Activities section of this website for fun things you and your child can do to explore the future.

Get ready now! For younger students and their parents, we expect parents and children to engage in activities together. As kids get older (middle and high school age), then there are activities they can do on their own.